Art Institute Chicago Engagement Photographer | Annu + Alish

When Anish and Annu told me about the idea of shooting their engagement portrait session at at Art Institute in Chicago I have to admit I became a little nervous. This was the time when Andy Warhol exhibit was taking place and I experienced it first hand just a week earlier. As mind blowing  as the exhibit was for me I also remembered clearly how packed with people the entire Art Institute was. The thought of taking intimate portraits among all these strangers, inside the museum, somehow intimidated me. Nevertheless I went with it, thinking that life needs to be challenged. All that uneasiness went right away when I saw A and A at the entrance to the museum.  Their easygoing nature, clear passion and love they share with each other was simply infectious. We navigated through the crazy crowd of people with easy and humor, making some really meaningful and beautiful portraits. In the process we found some spots that I had no idea existed and went through some quiet corners of the Millennium Park just outside of the museum. Their wedding is happing on 10.10.2020 and I know it’ll be an awesome party!

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