Intimate Chicago wedding photographer | University of Chicago Wedding

Kai and Matt eloped in Hyde Park near the University of Chicago. The intimate wedding ceremony was officiated by their best friend at the Garden of Phoenix. It was short, beautiful and meaningful. Following the ceremony we ventured out to explore the campus of University of Chicago where both Kai and Matt graduated from. We caught a sunset at Promontory Point, where Matt would spend a lot of time and where he would find solace while attending University of Chicago. Wrapping the evening the couple shared delicious cupcakes, instead of a traditional wedding cake. It was an incredible experience for me to document their tiny wedding.


Chicago Wedding Anniversary Session | Sasha + Mike

Sasha and Mike have been doing a photo shoot every year since they got married in 2017. I was honored to be their wedding photographer (see their story here). For the fifth year anniversary, they decided to venture with me to Chicago’s lakefront on a beautiful May afternoon. We casually explored the woods at Montrose Beach Bird Sanctuary for the first hour of the session. After that they sported their original wedding attire and we leisurely walked around my favorite Chicago lakefront area at Montrose Beach. Their anniversary photo session felt so meaningful and authentic and I was humbled to be part of these moments. I hope we can get together again for their 10, 15 or perhaps even 20 years anniversary.

Wedding anniversary photo sessions are a wonderful and meaningful way to celebrate your marriage. One of the ways to invest in your family’s legacy is to do the yearly photo shoot that falls around your wedding anniversary day or any other life’s milestone for that matter.

San Miguel de Allende Wedding Photographer | Anna + Luciano | Meaningful portrait shoot

San Miguel de Allende is a wedding industry hub of Mexico. We had the pleasure of spending three months in San Miguel in 2020 during the pandemic. The city emptied and no weddings took place, which was a bit disappointing as we really wanted to experience the SMA wedding vibes. During our time there we’ve met so many amazing people and made friends for life. Anna + Luciano were one of them. Here are a few images from their meaningful portrait session. We took them on a stroll around the apartment where we lived and roamed our favorite streets. I hope we can come back to San Miguel soon to photograph a wedding there.

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