Chicago and Destination Wedding Photographer | Outdoor Garden Wedding at Blumen Gardens, ILL

We always look forward to the next wedding with an elevated excitement but we were dying of anticipation for Kasia and Ben’s wedding. Both Kasia and Ben are super talented, artistic and down to earth individuals. Ben is an awesome photographer himself and Kasia is a fantastic make up artist. The moment we met them we were drawn to their personalities and we knew their wedding will be an extraordinary event. Prior to the wedding day, we’ve had a couple of meetings and a few phone conversations and every time we spoke, it felt like a gathering of good friends. The wedding planning conversations would quickly steer off towards the things we all love and are passionate about: photography, music, art, and love for the outdoors or intricacies of top shelf bourbon. Kasia and Ben’s kindred spirits, positive energy, the passions they share, and their absolute devotion towards each other were truly evident every time we meet with them.

The wedding day itself was a gathering of their closest families and friends and many of them contributed to make Kasia and Ben’s wedding celebration even more special and authentic. From homemade, to die for, pies (I’ll remember that taste for a long time) to music and creative decorations. Every moment and detail we’ve had a pleasure to document was so beautiful and genuine and it made us so inspired throughout the entire time. Even the place they picked for their wedding, Blumen Gardens, perfectly matched their personalities, with its organic feel and unique outdoor garden settings.

Kasia and Ben: Thank you for letting us be part of your wedding day. You both inspire us.


Music by Low Roar

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