Concert Photography Chicago | Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band live concert in Evanston, IL

Summer is a wonderful time in Chicago especially if one is passionate about music. There are countless free music festivals, street performances, and neighborhood music showcases. It’s often difficult to find time to attend what we like since there’s so much to choose from. Among many musical events one of our favorite takes place in Evanston, IL. Starlight Concert Series happens during the month of June and July in different parks around Evanston. From all the beautiful public places in Evanston, Dawes Park is our favorite to see a live band perform. It’s located by the shores of Lake Michigan and on a hot summer day one can feel a refreshing breeze while listening to sounds of live music.

We could not imagine better settings to see one of our favorite bands, Reverend Payton’s Big Damn Band. Seeing them perform is always a special treat. This band is so vibrant and full of energy that it always puts smile on our faces. Rev. Peyton may be one of the most passionate musician one can see perform and when he played guitar we could hear genuineness of what he does in every note. Below are few pictures we took spontaneously during the concert

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