Lincoln Park Engagement Photographer | Jennifer + Kyle

There’s this certain energy in the air when two people are madly in love. You can see it by the way they look at each other, touch or embrace. You see the love being transferred from one person to the other and you can’t help but giggle inside and out. That energy was thoroughly felt during Jennifer and Kyle’s engagement session shoot in Lincoln Park.

As a wedding photographer, my job is to document people’s love and when that love is so pure and authentic, as it is in case of these two, the job becomes a joyous ride. That particular afternoon, the entire park was bursting with a romance. We walked from the North Pond towards the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool and then up to North Ave Beach and everywhere we turned we saw couples strolling romantically, kissing or taking selfies while hugging passionately. At one point we came upon a surprise proposal of another young couple. The romance and love was simply in the air that evening.

All of that while Jennifer and Kyle opened up and showcased their love towards each other in front of our cameras. It was not forced or contrived. Just a pure, genuine feeling of love documented in photographs forever. We can’t wait to photograph their wedding in Wisconsin this coming October! I have a feeling it’ll be pretty epic.

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