Lincoln Park Chicago Wedding Photographer | Erin + Will

Photographing Lincoln Park wedding of Erin and Will was such a humble experience for us. As it is often said that celebrating the marriage involves closest family, Erin and Will’s wedding celebration was such the case and a truly family affair. Everything from organizing catering, preparing cupcake decorations to making a floral arrangement involved family members and their coordinated efforts. The wedding took place at Erin’s sister house in Lincoln Park. The house, a beautiful place in its own right, was morphed into a modern wedding venue.  The decoration of the house and display of flowers were a creation of Erin and her sister.  Erin’s aunt provided chauffeur rides to a nearby Lily Pond at Lincoln Park for intimate photo shoot with the newlyweds. Amazingly strong bounds of the family could be felt through out the wedding day and it was awe inspiring for us to witness Erin and Will’s celebration of their marriage with the people that truly matter in their lives.


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