Maxwell Mansion Wedding Photography | Lake GenevaWinter wedding in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Picture of Bride and groom walk toward the lake Geneva on their wedding day

When I met Natasha and Jason for coffee in Logan Square, I knew their wedding day will be special. They project certain kind of sophistication yet at the same time are genuinely kind, sensitive and down to earth. Both are amazing photographers themselves, working and living in New York City but having most of their family in Chicago.

They decided to get married at Maxwell Mansion in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, which I thought perfectly complemented their personalities. The place is full of old charm, rich with history and a bit of quirkiness added to the mix. Lake Geneva was also very meaningful location for Jason, where his family vacationed during his childhood and where his parents still own a cottage by the lake. I always strongly believe that all these connections to places make for more meaningful wedding photography and authentic story telling, which inspires me even more to create genuine images.

Their wedding day started with preparations at the Baker’s House, a historic hotel with some amazing light and beautiful suites. Shortly after Jason and Natasha put on their wedding attire we went across the street from Baker’s House to the shores of Lake Geneva for some intimate portraits and quiet love confirmations. From there it was just a short walk to Maxwell Mansion for their ceremony. The wedding ceremony itself was a short but beautifully emotional.  We shed some tears on few occasions along with other quests.

Party at the mansion followed shortly after and it was grand! Maxwell Mansion is famous for its speakeasy underground bar. It’s perfectly intact with its prohibition era decor and a lot of guest hanged out there during the cocktail hour. I thought the vibes of Maxwell Mansion fitted Jason and Natasha’s personalizes perfectly. When we departed, the party just started to get rowdy and I could only imagine it went long into the night. What a magnificent wedding day it was.

Artist, people and places who made this wedding special:

Bride’s dress: Wendy Nichol
Flowers by: Asrai Garden
Wedding venue: Maxwell Mansion

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