Montrose Beach Engagement Photos Chicago | Heather + Jeff

Heather and Jeff’s engagement session at Montrose Beach in Chicago was very special. Due to to unpredictability of Chicago’s weather we made the decision to photograph at sunrise. After brief conversation with our couple we picked June 21st for the photo shoot. Only an evening before the session, we realized we chose a summer Solstice to be the day of the shoot. Getting up extra early may not have been the most pleasant experience but once we came to the beach at the¬†brisk dusk, our senses heightened. We wandered through the fog covered harbor, cutting through Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary and ending at the the deserted beach. The mist beautifully wrapped around Heather and Jeff, and by the time the sun rose above the horizon we were fully awaken. It was not only the freshness of the morning but the presence of two people in love that filled the shores of lake Michigan with sunshine. And even though the sun never broke through the clouds, we experienced one of the most memorable sunrises with one awesome couple.

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