Northwestern University Engagement Photography

Ever since I moved to Chicago,  I was fascinated with the beauty of Northwestern University. I remember spending my summer days on the lake in Evanston passing by Northwestern campus every day.  The architecture, the location and the surrounding nature of the campus reminded me of some medieval European town. I would always pass by the campus, daydreaming, but I never ventured inside, always thinking that one must be a student to be on the school’s grounds. When Alexandra and Cornelius asked me to take their engagement photos over by Northwestern campus I was overjoyed. My opportunity to explore the grounds was finally realized and I was hit with flashbacks of my high school summer days. Both Alexandra and Cornelius, Northwestern alumni, were my guides to all hidden spots of Northwestern campus. For two hours, we explored all the amazing places which Northwestern University is famous for. From classic gothic inspired buildings to a modern architecture it was all fascinating to explore while taking Alexandra and Cornelius intimate portraits. We’ve also been blessed with gorgeous early spring light which felt great during a brisk March afternoon. Northwestern has easily become one of my favorite spots around Chicago for taking engagement or wedding portraits. Since then I’ve been back a few times, not only to take wedding or engagement pictures but also to explore the amazing grounds of the campus. For my own pleasure. Thank you for showing me around.

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