Schram Chapel Wedding Photographer | Glenview, IL

“Damn, they’re so in love!” were the first words Magda said after we got into our car, wrapping up Marl and Alfie’s wedding portrait session. I just nodded in awe. We love people who are madly in love! They make our job effortless. People in love don’t care if things don’t go as planned, or if it rains during the wedding day, or if the wedding dress gets a bit dirty walking through a muddy trail to take that one epic shot- none of that matters. When people are madly in love, all these things become trivial and love is all that matters.

Here’s a short story from Marl and Alfie’s wedding day celebration. A fusion of Filipino and Ghanaian cultures bustling with laughter, cheerful vibes and good food. The wedding started early afternoon at Schram Memorial Chapel and ended with a joyful dinner, followed by a sweet sparkle exit in the evening. There were no special thrills, over planned expectations or over ambitious wedding coordinators, just two people madly in love celebrating their wedding surrounded by people who matter the most to them. That’s what weddings should be about, keeping it simple and celebrating what matters the most.

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